Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Need to Keep it Real? Wear Yellow Pants

Whenever I'm in danger of taking myself too seriously, I try to wear something slightly outrageous to remind myself that life really is no big deal.

Yesterday, my tactic was yellow pants.  Bright yellow, corduroy pants with my snow boots that are too big.

These guys definitely aren't taking themselves too seriously.  
Also, this is amazing because it was an ad for JCPenny back in the day.  Note the labels.
My yellow pants were liberating.  I walked more freely, not trying to uphold something, and it seemed to give others permission to so do, too.  People smiled at me more, nodded hello, and less people asked me if I wanted one of their fliers about a new sleazy club or mediocre restaurant (maybe because they thought, "She's wearing yellow pants.  She's no sucker.")

In conclusion, wear yellow pants to instantly brighten your day and feel more confident and creative.


  1. I want to see a picture of you in those pants. Please.

  2. I think it helped that on this day I was also wearing my farm snow boots that are slightly too big. I felt like a clown. A non-creepy clown, of course.