Don't worry, you didn't forget a vocabulary word from the SAT.  Mataphrium is a made-up word that has no meaning yet.  In fact, it may never have a fixed definition because, for me, it embodies the search for meaning through the creative impulse.

The inception of Mataphrium came during a discussion over dinner.  On that night, I found myself, as I often am, frustrated by my own distractibility when it comes to making art.  Throughout my life, I have dabbled with art in almost every form and have an unrelenting impulse to imagine and create, but have not settled on one "craft."  Being a "jack of all trades and master of none" was getting aggravating.  From this state of mental quagmire, and with some coaching from the ever-supportive and inspiring David Ward, I had the idea to explore why I am this way and maybe why we all have a similar creative spark inside us.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, like a light bulb above my head, came Mataphrium.  It was an empty word, waiting to be filled, like a room with no furniture.    

This blog is an on-going exploration of my creative impulse and the creative spirit itself; where it comes from, what it means, and why it sustains us.  And hopefully, with the help of others who inspire me, we will arrive at a greater truth about The Meaning of Mataphrium.